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Vision Mortgage Company, Ltd. can help assist your cash flow situation but providing a proven referral source for accounts receivable financing/factoring. 

Factoring is a financial transaction that involves the sale of a business’ accounts receivable (i.e. invoices) to a third party know as a factor.  The sale is at a discount in exchange for immediate funding. Note that great care is placed on the value of the receivable as it is the financial assets, and not necessarily the firm’s credit worthiness.  It should be recognized that factoring is not a loan—rather it is the purchase of a financial asset, namely the receivable. Whereas and bank loan would only involved two parties, the factoring transaction involves three ( the seller of the receivable, the debtor, and the factor). 

Please be sure to ask all your questions in advance.

Primary Prospect: Any business that generates sales on credit terms to credit worthy clients.

                              (Final Sale Only / No Consignment, Guaranteed Sales or Pre-Billing Accepted). 

Primary Funding Product: Accounts Receivable Financing / Factoring. 

Geographic Funding:  Nationwide domestic accounts receivable finance. 

Transaction Size: $10k to $250k with no financials needed.  Up to $2.5 million per customer.  

Industries: Trucking, Staffing, Service Providers, Manufacturers and Distributors. 

Advance % : 70% to 95% depending on industry, account debtor quality and rate of dilution. 

Rates/Fees: Rates will be determined by monthly sales volume, industry, average receivable turn,

invoice size, account debtor quality and concentration. 

Our rates are all inclusive (no hidden fees).  Fees listed on proposal will be the same on agreement. 

Most proposals will include:

·         No minimum monthly volume required

·         No minimum invoice fees

·         No administrative fee, mailing fee, or credit check fee

·         No check float day fees 

Initial Funding: 4 to 7 working days after receiving a complete application package.

Typical Requirements:  May include but not limited to:

·         Receivable aging report

·         Recent invoice with back up documentation (i.e. purchase order/ time sheets/ bill of lading)

·         Completed Application (Two Pages)

·         Signed Proposal

·         Articles of Inc and or DBA filing

·         Copy of Sales Agreement or Rate Confirmation Agreement

·         Credit Limit Request Form per customer. (this form allows us to credit approve the clients they want to factor prior to moving forward)

·         Due diligence Fee (Usually $395.00 to $495.00, fee can be paid with credit card)



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