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The section below has been designed to be printed from your browser. The Small Business Loan Application may be printed wholly or in parts. When completed, contact our office for a time to meet and go over the application with you. Call our offices at 210.348.0077, or e-mail us at You may go directly to the printable Loan Application from here. Below is a summary of the loan process and some of the forms which may be required.

This section is for conforming commercial lending.
For non-conforming commercial lending, click here.

Step One - Complete the Loan Application

The first step in the loan process will be telling us about your business and it's financing needs. You'll provide this information by completing the enclosed Loan Application and supplying the items mentioned on the Loan Application Checklist. The Checklist is separated into various categories based on the proposed uses of the loan proceeds. Your Vision Mortgage loan officer will review the checklist with you, and make sure you're providing all the appropriate information. Your personal loan officer is also there to answer any questions you may have regarding how this information shall be used in the loan approval process.

Some checklist items may require the assistance of your business tax advisor or accountant. If some information is already in your business plan, simply reference the plan when completing the Loan Application.

Here's a brief summary of the items we will request and the information they provide.

Small Business Loan Request

Who are you? How do you want to use the money? Who are some of your key advisors? General eligibility questions.

Information on your Business

What product or service do you provide? Who are your customers? What are your plans for your business?

When you're starting a new business, acquiring another business or changing the way you currently do business, it's important that we consider that new income in your loan request. To do that, we've included a helpful 12-month income statement projections page. Please include your assumptions on the bottom of that page in the space provided.


Please complete if you are going to use the loan to purchase or start a new business. If you are not sure, check with your loan officer.


What obligations do you have to other lenders that should be considered in determining your ability to repay the loan?

Information About You


What is the background and experience of key management in your business?


Will your business provide you enough money to meet your personal needs?


How much have you invested in the business? What resources do you have to support the loan request?


Confirms that the loan will be used for a commercial business transaction and that we may obtain credit information.

Step Two - Submit the Loan Application for Approval

After you've competed you Loan Application and provided al the checklist items, submit your package to our office for review. A Vision Mortgage loan officer or our investor representative may contact you in the loan review process for a few follow-up questions to fully understand your small business needs.

If the loan is approved, you receive a Conditional Terms Letter (CTL) from our investor outlining our loan terms (e.g. maturity, amortization and interest rate) and specific requirements (e.g. down payment, guaranty, collateral) you'll have to meet in order to close the loan. Review the CTL with you advisor.

Again, if you have any questions or need clarification of any terms and conditions, please ask your Vision Mortgage loan officer. Once you are happy with the proposed loan, you'll then sign the CTL. At this point, the loan documentation and closing process begins.

Step Three- Loan Documentation and Funding

To accelerate the funding process, we'll assign the loan to one of our investor's Closing Coordinators. Their experience in putting together all the required elements and documentation will help get your funding quickly, so you may focus on your growing business.

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